With over 15 years of experience practising Prolotherapy Treatment, this therapy has yielded some really good results for many of our patients. While it doesn’t work for everyone, the same can be said for conventional medication – no treatment is ever guaranteed to be 100% effective for every patient.

This method engages your body’s natural healing mechanism, helping you to avoid surgery, cortisone shots and anti-inflammatory drugs. The benefits of healing drug-free appeals to many people and, as a result of our success with it, have been referred to many patient’s friends and family.

How does it work?

The only drug that can sometimes be used to administer Prolotherapy is a local anaesthetic via injection – we don’t use any other pain killers. It’s the drug-free aspect of this treatment that truly motivates many of our patients, especially those involved in sports. We treat many veterans who still play a sport such as hockey and soccer and who are committed to keep playing for as long as possible.

Other patients have worked a 9-5 job their whole lives only to retire and indulge in golf several times a week – the problem is, they’ve ended up with a bad knee or shoulder and can’t play golf after all. This quality of life is devastating to many retirees who want to play out their golden years on a golf course. Enabling them to play 18 holes of golf with their friends makes their lives worth living again. To achieve this, we begin by assessing each specific case, follow that up with an examination and from there, move on to their actual pain management.

A drug free alternative

The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. A broken bone for example… while it may take many weeks to heal, it will ultimately always repair itself. For this reason, we always prefer to encourage the tissues to strengthen the affected area to make it stronger and give it the best chance of healing naturally. Nowadays we meet many patients who prefer non-pharmaceutical intervention and to some extent, our methods are a natural type of medicine.

Prolonged use of anti-inflammatories bring with them many risk factors and side-effects such as heart disease, strokes, increased blood pressure and stomach bleeds to name a few. To that end, we choose a minimalist approach which helps our patients avoid the need for anti-inflammatory drugs eg: If they are exercising and losing weight, their blood pressure automatically improves significantly, which will always a better alternative to band-aiding their symptoms with medication.

Avoid Cortisone Injections

So often we see patients who have been advised to get one or more cortisone injections for a bad shoulder. We believe that cortisone shots should be avoided wherever possible! Research shows that ultimately, long term use of cortisone can cause many debilitating conditions such as Osteoporosis, weakening of the tissues as well as cartilage and joint damage.

The treatments we employ to get your joints back to normal functionality can eliminate the need for surgery as well as regular cortisone shots.