Pre-Employment Medicals Sunshine Coast


Pre-Employment Medicals Sunshine Coast


Do you need a pre-employment medical assessment on the Sunshine Coast made for a future staff member or yourself?

These pre-employment medicals assessments are conducted to protect both the employer and the worker from avoidable health problems and injuries pertaining to each particular type of occupation.

The efficiency of these pre-employment medical assessments depends on the qualifications, experienced, and skill of the pre-employment medical examiners.

At our medical clinic, we are fully equipped with every type of equipment that is necessary for a comprehensive examination and management of workers both prior to employment and following injury including drug and alcohol testing, vision and audiometry testing, ECG, skin surveillance equipment, full diagnostic and treatment general equipment.

Why You should conduct Pre-employment Medicals For New Employees:

  • Knowing your employees’ medical condition lessens the occurrences of workplace injuries
  • reduces WorkCover claims and the cost of your insurance
  • learn if your potential employee is a match for the role physically
  • General risk reduction through the hiring and employment process

What Pre-employment Medicals Typically Consist of:

  • Collecting height and Weight and calculating the BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Assessment of the employee’s range of movement (musculoskeletal examination) including the functions of the central nervous system
  • Examination for any pre-existing conditions  such as hernias, disc/spinal issues
  • analysis of urine for diabetes or any kidney, bladder issues
  • respiratory and airways assessment
  • Vision testing
  • Drug & alcohol tests

This is complemented by having medical practitioners qualified in

Occupational Medicine (DipOccEnvHlth),

Aviation Medicine (DipAvMed, DAME, AustCertCivilAvMed),

Commercial Diving Medicine(AdvCertDiving/HyperbaricMed),

Travel and Tropical Medicine(DipTravMed )

Women’s Health, including Obstetrics and Gynecology (DipObst)

as well as General Medicine (MB,ChB,FRACGP).


f you would like to obtain a pre-employment medical assessment, please call us and book your appointment.