Pain Management

Pain Management

We live in an age of patients being ‘over-diagnosed’. For example, one’s blood pressure could be a little high, due to anxiety, poor sleep or too much coffee – does this warrant a script for high blood pressure medication?

Some patients, whilst waiting for surgery, are in chronic pain – despite exhausting all avenues of treatment. Many GP’s are reluctant to treat them or consult with them on a regular basis. Here at Montville Health Centre, we welcome these patients and strive to help you manage your pain. Where neccesary, we prescribe narcotic drugs such as morphine in certain cases, as we consider pain and musculoskeletal medicine, basic general practice!

Once we have exhausted all avenues and nothing is offering relief, pain medication will then be prescribed without hesitation. There are so many new medications and techniques being developed all the time, these types of drugs can dramatically improve people’s quality of life.

Knee Pain

One of our patients has a ‘bad knee’ and he is very physically active. Our prescribed course of treatment is a pain patch the sticks directly onto his knee, which accommodates his level of sporting activity. Many Doctors are not even aware of this type of treatment even exists or is an option in cases like this.

On-going pain from Shingles

Shingles is another condition that can plague patients with ongoing, chronic pain long after the virus has cleared up. The aforementioned pain patches were actually developed specifically to assist patients in this instance, offering unparalleled relief compared to any other method of treatment.

Arthritis Pain

Many times, when someone complains of chronic back or neck pain Doctors instantly assume they have arthritis. Often, however, a lot of their pain actually comes from instability in their spine, not inflammation. We offer therapies and management that tremendously benefit and help their spine stability. Using a highly specialised technique, we straighten up the body part that needs treating, in order to make it stronger. This method stems from the word ‘proliferation’ which means – to ‘increase in abundance’. Making the tissues that are already there stronger, improving joint support and pain levels overall.