Musculoskeletal Medicine

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Having completed additional studies while I was deployed to New Zealand, I now specialise in Musculoskeletal Medicine on top of general health patients. I focus on the musculoskeletal system. By contrast with Sports Medicine that is specifically tailored towards young athletes, Musculoskeletal Medicine is more general and across all ages.

As we age, one can experience an increase in ailments eg: joint and ankle pain, back, neck and shoulder aches. Working closely with a surgeon, I am very familiar with the operating room. As a result, our first preference is to treat without the need of surgery! However, should surgery be necessary I assist my patients with that process.

My vast experience in the operating room during procedures such as shoulder reconstruction and knee replacement, I feel qualified to advise my patients on what to expect during their surgery.

Whilst training in Musculoskeletal Medicine, the practical sessions gave me ample opportunity to analyse patients and learn how to treat them. A large proponent of the course was solely devoted to pain management – in fact, I spent months learning exclusively about pain with several more months dedicated just to pain management.

Some doctors prefer musculoskeletal medicine, others choose a different channel altogether and concentrate on manipulation treatment while I chose Prolotherapy. Learning this method taught me the ‘how-to’ in helping patients – Prolotherapy is fun, interesting and yields excellent results.  In fact, it’s my patients who convince me of it’s efficacy because of how much it improves their quality of life.