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We offer General Practice medical services – including weekends/public holidays

Here at Montville Health Centre, we provide comprehensive General Practice medical services. Just give us a call to make an appointment, book an online appointment or simply show-up as a walk-in ~ Shop 4, 130 Main Street, Montville, QLD 4560. Our Doctors are here for you in all areas of General Practice – including basic emergency care.

Montville Health Centre is located in the heart of the Hinterland at Montville, our Doctors would love to welcome you to our relaxed and tranquil medical centre and to provide you with genuine care and assistance based on decades of medical expertise and experience, where we can provide health services for the entire family. We extend a warm welcome to you. Our vision and focus are to offer each of our patients the utmost quality of patient care toward diagnosis and illness management whilst still incorporating a holistic approach.


Modern Centre

Our Modern facilities encompass a clean and relaxed environment.  Our Montville practice uses advanced technology and equipment.  We are located in Montville in the beautiful Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.  We offer health services tailored toward the entire family.

We are committed to providing health, well-being and disease prevention to all patients.  Whilst we stand under the banner of the Christian ethic, we do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and strive to treat all patients, regardless of race, sex or religion with the utmost dignity and respect.

Qualified Doctors

Doctor Peter Herbert and Doctor Daniel Kleinig both strive to uphold our mission to provide the highest quality of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.  They would like to extend a warm welcome to all their patients new and existing.  You are in wonderful hands under the medical care of our kind and compassionate Doctors who bring with them decades of experience and expertise.


This practice is committed to providing comprehensive quality care to all individuals and families in the community, including issues which may be sensitive and private.  Doctors and staff are conscious that all patient contact and patient records are strictly confidential.  Your medical records are confidential documents.  It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.  For more information on privacy and your health records, refer to our website

Reminder/Register Systems

When our practice is notified from a state/federal level that our patients are due for health checks for issues such as pap-smears, breast checks, colonoscopies etc, we will get in contact with you and invite you to make an appointment to discuss these tests.

Everyday Medical Care

We provide Medical Care – our team of Doctors are on site Call, book online or just show up!  Queries for the Doctor are welcome and are received through our reception staff, who will relay your message onto our GP at times when the GP is not occupied with a consultation.  Our staff are more than happy to call you back with the results of your query.  Please note than if you need to speak to one of our Doctors personally, in most circumstance you will be required to make an appointment to discuss your concerns face to face.  We do not give medical advice over the phone.

Following up on your results

If your GP has any concerns about your pathology/radiology/specialist, our reception staff will contact you personally on the phone, they will also send out a letter inviting you to make a follow-up appointment to discuss your results with you.  You are more than welcome to phone our practice during our office hours to enquire if your results have been received, and whether the GP wishes to see you to discuss them.  Identifying information will be required.

Personal Health Records

Our patients are able to access their health information.  We encourage the use of personally controlled electronic health records (PCEHR).  Please feel free to discuss this system with one of our Doctors.

Education and Resources

Our practice carries a range of posters, leaflets and brochures with health information, including illness prevention

Online Bookings

Booking is a breeze with our online booking system ~ simply choose your practitioner, date and time.

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